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Total Eclipse

Book 3 in the Sandman Saga

Ripped from her soulmate, Emberlynn must conquer death to save her beloved. 

With her Trejan by her side, she embarks on a journey to find Sander. The Immortal Kingdoms are in uproar over the Night King's disappearance and are less than welcoming afraid for their own bloodlines. Leading an army of her own, Emberlynn is determined to show the worlds she is the true ruler and will forge a new alliance with Kade to prove her worth. 

The past will resurface with truths... and lies. Emberlynn must look past a fated flaw in her own soul and seek the solace her heart desperately needs. 

A soulmate's love never dies and in the end there can only be one... but what part of herself will she have to sacrifice to have her happy ending?


Total Eclipse is the anticipated conclusion to the Sandman Saga.

This book is a fated soulmates, royal fantasy romance. There is minimal "spice" in this book.  Spice rating: 2

M.R. Polish Spice Rating Scale:
0 - no spice, no kissing
0.5 - kissing, hand holding, fade to black
1 - 1.5 - kissing, sensual, tension, *if sexual scene occurs it will fade to black
2 - 2.5 - Sexual scenes but not in graphic detail, sensual, tension
3+ - Spicy! Sexual scenes in detail. 18+ readers

Series Reading Order

Total Eclipse
cover coming soon

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