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Crown of Blood and Wings

Book 1 in the Ash Kingdom

“When an Alorian finds his mate, an instinct takes over, compelling him to protect her.”

Forced into the king's Trials, Caitin's fate takes a dark turn when she's bitten and left for dead. Yet, when all hope seems lost, the brooding captain breaks through the barriers of the arena to save her from certain death. Little does she know, this act of defiance will bind their souls together in a cruel twist of fate—a bond enforced by the vengeful king himself.

Layke, the captain driven by duty and unexpected longing, never imagined finding a mate amidst the chaos of the Trials. Captivated by Caitin's spirit even as she's imprisoned, he risks everything to ensure her survival, including intertwining their lives through a magical binding decree.

As they flee the king's clutches, Layke is compelled to reveal his own painful truths—a lost kingdom, and now a love he cannot afford to lose. United by desperation and the unbreakable tether of their souls, Caitin and Layke must navigate a treacherous path to freedom, where every heartbeat brings them closer to salvation or irreversible destruction.


Ash Kingdom Series (3 Books)
Crown of Blood and Wings
The Fallen Ash Queen 
Throne of Broken Wings 

This book is a slow burn, fated mates, vampire fantasy romance. Each book in this series gets progressively spicier.

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