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A Delectable Bite

A Pharos Hills Novella

Madison is a human.

Leaving the chaos of the big city, she hopes life in Pharos Hills will be much calmer. She has no idea she’s moving into the middle of a supernatural hub where it’s anything but quiet.



Drake is a vampire.

As the owner of a popular bakery, he keeps his hands busy with all things cake related. Tall, tattooed, and very good at his job, he is sought-after by the rich and sometimes famous.



Taking an account like a party for the senator’s dog’s birthday, Madison works hard to please her indecisive client. So hard that Jill, Drake’s business partner, is ready to murder her. But when Drake steps in, so does an unshakeable bond between him and this unforgettable human.


Welcome to Pharos Hills.

A picturesque, little town on the Virginian east coast.

We invite you to share in all the beauty it has to offer.

And all the not so beautiful.

Because, after all…

When you live amongst monsters,

you’re bound to find ardent desire.

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