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2020 is STILL Going to be Great!

The beginning of this year I was filled with hope, excitement, and a drive to create a new world filled with depth and characters that will stick with a reader for days, months, or even years past the initial introduction. Then, the unthinkable started to happen and the world shifted. Life changed. Days flew by and hours vanished. April 2020 I could still feel that humming thrill beckoning me to the keyboard. Begging me to write. Every character has come to me and given me glimpses into their world, sharing their story word by word. So I contacted my editor, who happens to be one of my dearest friends and hashed out this idea. Was it possible? It would be a HUGE project and I wondered if anyone could be as excited about it as I was. She was.

Since then, I've been working more hours than the current 24 per day allows. Even in my sleep this new story has been blooming and coming to life with a vigor that surprised me. I'll be cooking or helping my kids (stay at home orders are just barely lifting here) and scenes and dialogue sprint to be the first thing in my mind and I race to find paper and pen to jot them down. I love how supportive my family is, cheering me on, letting me tell them over and over the ideas that are overloading my imagination. They truly are my biggest fans. This morning I woke up and immediately knew what I had to do. I could see steps unfolding like guidelines to this new story and tada! Here I am. Updating the website and openly telling you how amazing 2020 WILL be. I hope you will check back often and follow along.


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