The Fallen Ash Queen

Book Two of the Ash Kingdom Series

“Caitin, I knew from that night on the ferry that you are my mate.”

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Caitin never imagined she would survive the Trials, let alone discover she was the prince’s mate. Her time alone with Layke made her realize her feelings were more than just having her soul bound to his. His touch sent her magic into a frenzy until it was all she craved.

Layke hungered for more than her blood and there was nothing in any kingdom or demand from the gods that could tear him away from his mate. The instinct to rip anyone’s heart out if they touched her raged just under the surface.

But he couldn’t protect her from the one thing that could kill them both… her magic.

The Ash Kingdom series is a Romantic Fantasy with vampires. There is non-graphic sexual scenes and tension. There is violence.