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Throne of Broken Wings

Book Three of the

Ash Kingdom Series

“There wasn’t a kingdom I wouldn’t burn down to save you.”


Caitin's powers have awakened, and it is only her mate's blood she craves. When she is told of his disappearance, she goes after him. There was no soul she wouldn't kill, no kingdom she wouldn't burn, no future she wouldn't sacrifice to save him. The Darkness had taken enough. It could not have him too.

Layke would gladly endure everything if it meant his mate was safe. They could drain him of all blood, use him as a puppet, play with his mind... as long as it wasn't Caitin. Then she was there, with red wings and fire. She was glorious and fierce, fighting to free him. 

But his freedom wasn't the end. They would have to unveil the secrets of the past and ask the gods for help. With their friends, they find life and death. But neither of them were prepared for the sacrifices that would be made. After all, only one summoner could reign.

The Ash Kingdom series is a Romantic Fantasy with vampires and fated mates. Starts with a slow burn but each book gets progressively spicier.

There is violence. Book two and three have dual POV.

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