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Get a FREE copy of Wings of Ruin, a newsletter exclusive Ash Kingdom short story!

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Layke never expected to see her again. She was nothing more than a fleeting memory he tried to forget, but seeing her in the dungeons he knew she was so much more than just a Trial participant... She was his. 

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Get a FREE copy of Night Fall, a newsletter exclusive Sandman Saga short story!

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Night Fall is an exclusive short story told from Sander's POV from the Sandman Saga. It is for newsletter subscribers only. 

The shadows swirl around me as I look out over the city of Astraios, the capital of the Night Kingdom. 

Not even the shadows could console me. The empty, hollow, nothingness haunted my soul.

Inside this fortress built for the Night Gods, I was the King. Every carved piece of marble, cut chunks of glass and obsidian held the magic of my family. A castle built for one it seemed. Just me. 

Three hundred years was a long time, even for an immortal. Three hundred years to wait for my other half. Would I live forever without ever finding my soulmate?

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