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I am many things and wear many hats. I am a devoted wife, mother, writer, and librarian. I love to teach and share my passions and knowledge with others. I've been guests at schools, libraries, and conventions around the country. I've had the honor of being a keynote speaker and on many panels with extremely talented authors and other professionals. If you told me ten years ago I'd have the experiences I've had, I'm not sure I'd believe you. 

I have been married for fifteen years and while that might not seem impressive... it hasn't been an easy road. They say marriage takes work, boy, they aren't lying. But, I have a supportive husband who is my biggest cheerleader and loves to take me out on the lake. We spend our summers taking the boat out and fishing (sometimes tubing if the kiddos want to play too). 

My favorite thing to do is be on the water. So, it's no secret that cruises are my favorite way to travel! 

I have four amazing kids. If I can call them that anymore. Two are adults and the other two aren't far behind hahaha. We've had years of dance competitions, soccer, basketball and camping. With two boys and two girls, I've been busy and well entertained. But, I'm sure soon my little family will grow with added "bonus" kiddos and I'm excited for the next stage of life. 

I love to play with my hair. Colors... cuts... I am always doing something different. My husband never knows what he'll come home to... a box of bleach and dye makes my heart happy hahaha. And yes, I do it all myself, because I'm crazy (NOT a professional). But I have fun so it's worth it. 

Writing was something I've done since I was young. As far back as I can remember, I've been enthralled with the written word. Stories were my go-to. My safe place. My escape. Life was not always the best, but there was always a book I could crawl into and find a fictional friend. 

When I was in the 5th grade, I had a teacher tell me that I was talented and one day I'd be a writer. I didn't believe her. (Hindsight) But she had me put in for the Halloween scary story contest. I remember the feeling of creating the characters and seeing their story come to life in my mind. Well, I won. First place. And I still have that story... but it won't reach the light of day because... wow... it was bad hahaha. But I can see the potential of a young girl and how a love for writing was born. It's special to me and I think back to that often. 

Every book I write I take in everything I learn from the past books. Every review. Every mark from an editor. All the feedback. Tips from other authors. I take all of it and apply it to write a better story every. single. time.

I take classes and workshops. I talk with others in the same industry. I listen to podcasts. I read a plethora of craft books that help me become better. But I'm not on this mountain alone. I could never thank my readers enough for supporting me and following me with each book, cheering me on. 


In my spare time, I love to cook, crochet, and draw. I'm not much of an outdoorsy person (which is odd since I LOVE being on the boat hahaha), so hiking is out of the question! 

Music is personal to me and I love how it can hit all the right emotions. Songs have a way of bringing the emotion out of every situation. They are like mini stories and I love when I hear one that I can resonate with. 

So, with that, I'm gonna leave you with one of my favorite songs for writing right now.

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