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Day Break book cover

Day Break

Book 2 in the Sandman Saga

The four kingdoms are ready to fight over the new queen.

After meeting her soulmate and finding out the truth of her origin, Emberlynn Cyrus has been thrust into a new world with emerging powers, villains, and responsibilities. Now she must take her role as the Solis Queen. With everyone vying for her attention, it is harder to see who is friend or foe.

An ancient line of guards has now claimed her, ready to protect her, but Sander Lux is ready to burn his own kingdom down for her. Sharing his soulmate with the other kingdoms has his heart pulled in opposite directions between duty and love.

The world is about to find out just how powerful the Solis Queen can be when her mate is threatened.



“Daybreak takes you on an exquisitely torturous and epically romantic journey of fated mates in the midst of impossible circumstances. Another amazing installment by M.R. Polish you won’t be able to put down.” – R.J. Lloyd

This book is a fated soulmates, royal fantasy romance. There is minimal "spice" in this book. Each book gets progressively spicier. Spice rating: 2

M.R. Polish Spice Rating Scale:
0 - no spice, no kissing
0.5 - kissing, hand holding, fade to black
1 - 1.5 - kissing, sensual, tension, *if sexual scene occurs it will fade to black
2 - 2.5 - Sexual scenes but not in graphic detail, sensual, tension
3+ - Spicy! Sexual scenes in detail. 18+ readers

Series Reading Order

Total Eclipse
cover coming soon

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