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Shadow Moon book cover

Shadow Moon

Book 1 in the Sandman Saga

Emberlynn Cyrus has been discarded and unwanted her entire life—but they’ve all made a terrible mistake…

Seventeen-year-old Emberlynn knows she’s different. Not just because her parents are dead and no foster family will have her. No, Emberlynn sees things. She sees colors. The colors emerge around others and reveal their pasts; but what does it mean? With her head down she struggles to finish school and find a family, but the colors seem to want to take her down a different path.

A path that led to a man named Sander…

The ruler of the Night Kingdom had heard her name whispered like a fairy tale…

Sander knows what it means when the soul leads someone to another—she’s his soulmate. But he’s wise enough to know she’s so much more. Whatever secrets she harbors, he only wants to protect and love her. He knows their souls will be bound together, but he wants her to choose him. Not just because their fate has already been decided.

Little do they know she’s being hunted by beings who wish her dead. Her secret would change the world—her death would destroy it.


Intense and thrilling, the perfect soulmate romance, M.R. Polish's gripping fantasy is diving deep into a new world of magic and love, betrayal and evil.

This book is a fated soulmates, royal fantasy romance. There is minimal "spice" in this book. Each book gets progressively spicier. Spice rating: 1

M.R. Polish Spice Rating Scale:
0 - no spice, no kissing
0.5 - kissing, hand holding, fade to black
1 - 1.5 - kissing, sensual, tension, *if sexual scene occurs it will fade to black
2 - 2.5 - Sexual scenes but not in graphic detail, sensual, tension
3+ - Spicy! Sexual scenes in detail. 18+ readers

Series Reading Order

Total Eclipse
cover coming soon

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